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The Government has declared that telecommunications infrastructure is critical to continue to allow both society and the economy to function and to enable rapid economic recovery when the crisis is over. It has therefore requested that telecommunications operators continue to build as well as maintain networks throughout this period.

The Government has also designated our field-staff as ‘key workers’, making them exempt from the wider restrictions on movement. In order to carry out our work, our staff are required to adhere to strict protocols on social distancing and minimal contact with members of the public.
If you see us working in your town or city, please appreciate their critical role in keeping our nation connected and help them by following Government guidelines on social distancing for your own protection as well as theirs.

We can provide full network support from cabling, splicing and CCTV maintenance

Our customers include Virgin media, Vodafone, City Fibre, McNicholas, Kelly Group etc...

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Copper and fibre Cabling services, any distance

Telco Services

Fibre Splicing, fault location, go-live systems

Emergency 24hr Service

A premium 24/7 Emergency fibre break response.


CCTV installation, moves and faults